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Wells family trees

Harry Wells (25 November 1858 - 22 November 1935) left his homeland and came to Australia first to get work in 1887. Elizabeth Saunders (16 June 1862 - 19 October 1950) followed six months later.  They were married on 8 November 1887 in Launceston.  Harry worked in the Tasmanian Railways, at Formby in 1887, followed by Campbelltown, then Leith in 1890.  Promoted to Station Master at St. Mary's 1894, Zeehan 1905, Hobart in 1912, retiring when Station Master at Hobart in 1924.

Harry and Elizabeth Wells had three children.
Beatrice Helen Louise 9 September 1888 - 8 November 1983.
Winifred Alice 20 September 1890 - 20 November 1969.
Gladstone Gordon Thomas 2 December 1896 - 3 December 1982.

Beatrice married Leslie Macdougall 9 September 1912 in Hobart.
Beatrice and Leslie had three daughters, Winsome, Dorothy and Margaret.
Winsome married Allan Petfield and had two daughters, Joy and Dawn.
Dorothy married later in life to Bill Hitchings.
Margaret married Walter Fraser and they had two children, Ross and Anne.

Winifred married Arthur Tregear 8 November 1911 in Zeehan.
Winifred and Arthur had two children, Enid and Kenneth.
Enid married Walter Dennis and had four children, John, Olwyn, Suzanne, Rae.
Kenneth married Maurine Harris and had three daughters, Denise, Yvonne, and Lynette.

Gladstone married his cousin Dorothy Cook 25 December 1919 in Hobart.
Gladstone and Dorothy had no children (they were 1st cousins).

Leslie and Beatrice and family loved the opportunity to visit Tasmania and their family whenever they could.  With the Macdougalls in ministry and far from family, times were tough but they managed.

A 16 GB USB is available from Joy at, giving details on the Wells and Macdougall families as written in the diaries by Leslie S.Macdougall.

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