Thursday, 6 September 2012

Diary Summaries 1910-20 Tasmania

Years 1910 - 1920 covers the first years of Ordination in Tasmania.  Queenstown 1910-1912, New Norfolk 1912-1915, Westbury 1915-1918, Penguin 1918-1921.

Beatrice and Leslie kiss on 1st anniversary of their meeting on 17 April 1911

Beatrice Wells 1911


Leslie Macdougall and Beatrice married in Hobart on 9 September 1912

Beatrice and Leslie Macdougall while on their honeymoon 26 September 1912
Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall with Winsome March 1918
Rev.L.S.Macdougall B.A. April 1918 and M.A. April 1919
If you have any corrections or comments please contact the author Joy Olney (grand-daughter of Leslie Macdougall) via email:

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