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Parsonages & Churches

Leslie Macdougall writes extensively in his diaries about the homes of his parents William and Sarah Macdougall, his parents-in-law Harry and Elizabeth Wells, and his sister-in-law Winifred and Arthur Tregear.

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The reader can see below collages of the Parsonages and Churches Leslie and Beatrice Macdougall were appointed to.  Take a look at my blog on Ministry Appointments from 1902.

The New Norfolk Parsonage was originally "Eardley Cottage", built 1830 and named after Governor Sir. John Eardley Wilmont.  Today it is privately owned, restored and Heritage listed.
The Church is the oldest Methodist Church (now Uniting Church) operating in Australia, built 1835.

The Westbury Parsonage "Wesley House" was demolished in 1950s.

The Penguin Parsonage was originally "Aberfoyle House", built 1899 by William Archer as a summer house for his nephew Basil Archer M.P.

The Euroa Parsonage & Church is now owned and operated as a Funeral Parlour.

The Skipton Street, Ballarat Parsonage has been demolished.

The Peace Memorial Epping Street Church is now a Greek Orthodox Church and the Parsonage is privately owned.

The Coburg Parsonage is currently used by "Kildronan" Unitingcare and the Church is used as a Fijian Church.

The New Street Brighton Church is a Chapel for Brighton Grammar and the Parsonage has been demolished.

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