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Interesting expressions

Leslie S.Macdougall 24 April 1905

 Interesting expressions of Leslie S.Macdougall 

as recorded in his diaries

Unavoidable detention (delay)
Enjoying the ozone (sun)
We found our way between the blankets and courted kindly sleep.
I gave the rest of the afternoon to the enjoyment of the exquisite and leisurely society of my Beloved.
Sorted out old papers and devoted them to destruction.
Out spanned (unharness, unyoked).
Washed tresses (hair).
Solemnized the Nuptials (marriage).
Snugley enscoused between the blankets.
Luxuriated in a hot bath.
A nail entered tyre very destructively.
Rain fell copiously.
Bairn (baby).
Much interchange of sentiment with my Beloved.
Invalid bike tyre.
Devoted most of the time to the charms of my Beloved.
Had tea with my treasures (family).
My Beloved discoursed sweet music on the pianoforte.
Weather like a curate’s egg – good in parts.
End of earthly pilgrimage.
Embodiment of loveliness (with reference to his Beloved).
Enjoyed the society (company).
Interesting reminiscences.
En vacances (on holiday).
Unlimbered our baggage (unpacked).
Arrangement miscarried.
Alarum (alarm).
Consigning old letters to destruction.
Veranda (verandah).
Emerged from “blanket bay” (bed).
Deliciously excited (with reference to his Beloved)
An atmospheric change (change of weather).
Children had their weekly dubbing.
Ate in solitary state to the accompaniment of the musical sound of welcome rain upon the  roof.
Lying on the broad of my back.
Dress basket (bassinette).
Blissful intercourse.
The glass rose (thermometer).
Congregation numbered half a score.
Last of boxes disgorged their contents.
Photos to perpetuate the occasion.
Good to be home to the bosom of my family.
Quiet happy time before the fire.
My Beloved and I spent the evening together in very happy conversation.
Meteorological outlook not good this morning.
Weather today raw and unpleasant.
Old friend of the “monastery” days (bachelor days).
Forked lightning and loud thunderclaps and copious rain cleared out a lot of the disorders consequent upon the recent excessive heat.
Weather unspeakably vile.
No dimination came today in the oppressiveness of the atmosphere.
Metropolis (city).
We enjoyed ourselves to the top of our bent.
Bought a suit of pyjamas.
Broken weather prevailed through most of the day.
Weather raw and bitter.
Cobbling an old pair of shoes.
Treacle moon (honeymoon).
Took a short walk to promote warmth and circulation.
The day was very unpleasant one meteorologically.
Took my Monday usual weekly bath before breakfast.
Mater (Mother) and Pater (Father).
Michaelmas (Christmas).
Said of father – “Proprietor unfit for work”, “No treat to live with”.
Bright beginning and an unhappy termination (weather).
Tried to give the intruder every encouragement to depart (with reference to influenza).
Entraining (traveling by train).
Luxuriated in style (ate extravagantly).
Early astir (awake and out of bed).
Rain fell copiously.
Mutual jollification (fun).
Virtuous pillow (sleep).
Satisfied gastronomically (eaten).
Packed with humanity (lots of people).
Yarn (talk).
Jolly time together (good times).
Preached to five and twenty (25).
0.15pm (12.15pm).
Went to hairdresser and had my usual tonsorial operations performed (hair cut).
Today marked the completion of my 8th lustrum (40th birthday).
My beloved inspired me not a little with the sweetness of her presence.
A well trodden way.
Anniversary of my advent upon this planet (birthday).
Vellum (skin dressed & prepared for writing) Diploma.
Commemorated our 1st connubial lustrum (1st five years of marriage).
Nuptials (commitment/vow in marriage).
Celebrated 6th anniversary of her nativity (birth).
Funeral Bakemeat (wake).
39th anniversary of my beloved’s advent into this world to cheer its weariness with heavenly sunshine.
Ninth lustrum (45th birthday).
In throes of dismantling home (shifting house).
Prosecutes her studies.
Completed 11th lustrum (55th birthday).
All Fool’s Day 1 April (April Fool’s Day).
Daily pilgrimages (daily travel).
Kalendar (calendar).
Rope of pearls.
44 years of occupancy on this planet (birthday)
Temporary cut out of electric current (black out).
Weather continued to be bright & enjoyable with what seemed like a promise of continuance.
Crossed a flooded watercourse with the exquisite thrill of feeling the water trickling through the button holes of my snug and trim patent buttoned shoes.
Weather mended (fined up).
Wall almanac (calendar of days & months).
Sox suspenders.
Rose to the accompaniment of bright sunshine.
Sorted out papers, consigning many of them to destruction.
“Brick duster” blew today, to the distress of all good housewives, my own included.
Shopping expedition.
Lumber (disused articles).
Retired in neighbourhood by midnight (bed by midnight).
Pleasure ruled the hour (good company).
Chat of other days (times past).
I went not forth (didn’t go).
Cobbled Margaret’s school shoes (shoe repairs).
Frozen honey.
Attained majority (21 years of age).
Apartment (bedroom).
Shopping expedition.
Embryo (trainee) nurse.
Dentist put my mouth into better condition than it has enjoyed for years.
Betrothed (engaged) to be married.
Masterpiece of photographic craftsmanship (Portrait).
Called up the household (wake up).
Involved a stampede (slept in).
Concession (discount).
Went abroad (went out).
Revelled in the company of my Beloved in undisturbed bliss.
Disposed a quantity of rubbish by cremation (incinerator).
Thrill of sea water curling round my buttoned shoes (paddling in sea).
Exercised our franchise in State General Parliamentary Elections by voting for ---.
Gashed throat and caused bloodshed while shaving.
Our usual custom of early rising had to be abandoned to suit the convenience of the household (sleep in due to public holiday).
Conducted service of commitment of his body to the ashes (cremation).
Took my hat and departure.
A Hebrew hawker from Poland came to the door (Jew).
Broken canine (tooth).
Broken tooth in upper jaw.
Cremated a large branch that had broken off the peach tree (incinerator).
Victorian National Holiday for the worship of horseflesh and betting (Cup Day).
She administered to me a haircut.
Beatrice had her tresses dressed and permanently waved.
I went down to the waters edge and my patent button shoes (McDonell No111) had intercourse with the waves which occasionally came up over the tops of them and for the first time they were wet through.  The thrill was very exciting.
Tiffin (light meal).
Change of raiment (clothes).
Holiday (day of leisure).
Cycled forth abroad (bike ride)
Awoke before alarum gave tongue (woke before clock alarm went off).
Sleeping suit (pyjamas).
Exercised his franchise as “one of the free and enlightened”. (voted).
Perambulator (pram).
Betrothed (engaged).
Tonsorial (shave).
Impedimenta (Baggage/luggage).
Elected to take a holiday in bed (sleep in).
Gave the grass a severe penance (mowed grass).
Gloaming (evening twilight).
Family laid themselves out to make it a happy birthday for me.
Racy letter (lively, spirited).
Took dog for an airing (walk).
Support during the triennium (3 year period).
Yeoman (small land owner).
Motor garage (car garage).
Motor bus (bus).
School assembled (1st day of term).
Went early to our rest (went to bed early).
Santa Claus was present in full regimentals.
Great was the merriment.
Exercised her franchise (voted).
We returned to the even tenor of our ways and browsed through light literature.
Meteorological prophesies to the contrary, notwithstanding, the weather was delightful with bright sunshine.
Weather mended much and sun shone brightly to our heart’s content.
Fine weather again prevailed notwithstanding meteorological predictions to the contrary.
Weather defying meteorological prognostications, was as bright and pleasant as anyone could wish for.
Heretofore (before).
I took my beloved for a stroll round the rocky point of the bay and she thrilled me as she paddled in her dainty patent lace shoes among the wavelets till they were quite submerged in the sparkling waters on the rocks.  She then removed her shoes and hosen and refreshed her little feet and ankles in the salt water.

These are just a few of the interesting expressions in Leslie Macdougall's diaries. Often I had to look up the dictionary to check on the correct meaning.  I hope you have enjoyed a little bit of old time literature.

If you want to contact the author, Joy Olney (grand-daughter of Leslie Macdougall), please email:

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